WWPWTUD - A Surprise for Aunt Irene

Part Five in PWTU's Ongoing Series

DEAR ABBY: I have a suggestion for "Wondering in Cleveland," whose Aunt Irene goes prowling through drawers during family gatherings. Rather than excluding her from future family get-togethers, how about leaving notes in all the drawers that say something like, "Hello, Aunt Irene. We hope that all our drawers pass your inspection!"
That ought to embarrass her enough to get her to cut it out without having to actually confront her. -- DAUGHTER OF ANOTHER SNOOP IN KENTUCKY

DEAR DAUGHTER OF ANOTHER SNOOP IN KENTUCKY: While your idea would probably make Aunt Irene blush and stop for a second, most likely she would then brush aside the note and keep right on snooping.
May we suggest a far better alternative: load all the drawers and cabinets up with hardcore, gay porn. Imagine Aunt Irene's shock as she opens the medicine cabinet for a peek, only to be greeted with two cowboys "riding bareback".
Of course, there are some dangers in this idea, the largest being the significant chance of Aunt Irene keeling over and dying. But hey, the bitch deserves it!

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Hey guys, stop for dropping by and commenting on my blog. Just had to drop and pay you the courtesy. Surprise, surprise, you guys have an awesome blog ... Hilarious, thought provoking and on the head. I must add it to my links. Again, thanks for dropping by.

(P.S. T.Durden is a HE not a SHE, but I guess the Pam Grier picture threw you off. Easy mistake.)

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