Week's End Review

...Pistons lost, Pistons lost, Pistons mother-fucking lost!!!

...congratulations to Dan for winning the iPod on Saturday night. His victory just goes to show that nice guys rarely finish first, and that they have to cheat like crazy when they do (yes, we're still bitter).

...not since the Nazis invaded Poland has a war ended so quickly. This morning the PWTU staff voted 3-1 to accept HailDubyus' unconditional surrender, which they announced shortly after hostilities began Friday night. Congratulations to HailDubyus for making the right decision!

...finally, what's with that Mel Gibson movie trailer? It's been six months since someone figured out that if you press pause in QuickTime when you see the screaming monkey (about two-thirds of the way through) and then go backwards, frame by frame, you'll suddenly see none other than Mel Gibson standing there. Has anyone figured out why this was done yet? Was Mel trying to show that he has a sense of humor, or that he's finally lost his mind? Either way it's still fucked up, man, fucked up!

(Hail Dubyus Source)
(Mel Gibson Source)

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