Swede Freaks

Part Two of PWTU's Ongoing Series
Outside of what is arguably the ugliest building to be constructed in Canton, Michigan in the city's 172-year history, a bunch of people with way too much time on their hands have already begun lining up for Ikea's grand opening tomorrow morning. Not since Revenge of the Sith has an event exposed so many socially awkward people with incredibly strange priorities in life. To be fair, though, the people willing to waste a couple days in line for the Swedish retailers first Michigan store will be rewarded with prizes, with the first 100 people receiving $79 chairs and other miscellaneous gifts. When you think about it, though, these people would have to earn less than $5 an hour to make a $79 prize worth the time off work. With such small incomes, no wonder these people are excited about buying cheap furniture...

(Source) (Part One of Series)

Ikea has decor especially designed for the rocks from under which they crawl. Yay, lofted beds!
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