Republicans are Stupid

At PWTU we have accused Republicans of being communists, we've attacked the right-wing's spokeswoman (Ann Coulter) of being a subsidized instrument of the conservative cause, and we were the first to prove that Jack Murtha (our new hero) was correct when he accused "Bush's Brain", Karl Rove, of having a fat ass. We've also called for the restoration of strong American labor unions, we've supported some of Stephen Colbert's more controversial remarks, and we've looked into some crazy environmentalism conspiracy theories.

Is it any wonder, then, that our Google AdSense ads are beginning to target Republican web-surfers?

Google claims that their ads are "related to what your visitors are looking for on your site or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts". In other words, given the pictured example to your left (click to enlarge), Google must think the following:

1.) People worse than us are attracted to Republican material.
2.) The kind of people who surf through random blogs are lonely and single (and Republican).
3.) Anything having to do with Communism (we have a feeling that soon, very soon, the search term "how to become a communist") will attract record numbers of our Chinese visitors, our MetaFilter visitors, and most importantly, our Republican visitors.

Google must be right, because we're making money hand over fist with this blog. And unless the title of this particular entry puts an end to our new influx of cash, we hope to God Google doesn't make any changes to their AdSense algorithms any time soon.

Keep on clicking those Google ads, you Republican nuts! Or at least get yourselves a new ringtone or two-- they would most definitely impress your hot new date.

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