PWTU in History: A Republican Hero

Part Five of PWTU's Ongoing Series
Thirty-eight years ago today Republicans everywhere celebrated the assassination of would-be president Robert F. Kennedy. The former attorney general had just won the California Democratic presidential primary when a pile-of-shit shaped like a man, Sirhan Sirhan, put a couple of bullets in the New York Senator's skull. Kennedy's death paved the way for Richard Nixon's election later that year (an administration that was good for the country), Ronald Reagan's election in 1980 (which was great for the country), and George W. Bush's election in 2000 (which has been a spectacular success for the country!).

Seriously, though, we at PWTU are so freakin' glad that assassinations went out of vogue years ago-- now the 'pubs just steal elections the old fashioned way. We also think it's funny that Sirhan Sirhan (a man so nice they named him twice!) languishes in prison to this day, oblivious to the fact that he did more to ruin this country than any other individual in our nation's history.

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