PWTU Birthday Honoree: Sandra Bernhard

Who better to be PWTU's birthday honoree today, on the mark of the beast, than Ms. Sandra Bernhard? Not only is this woman scary looking enough to be a devil herself but she also hails from Flint, Michigan, a city that's a little like Hell on Earth. Trust us, the place is a slime-hole.

Speaking of slime-holes, most of us here at PWTU first became aware of Ms. Bernhard's existance back in the mid-90's. At that time she became a recurring character on that blue-collar sitcom, Roseanne, and we're pretty sure she's the one who had to kiss Roseanne (though we can't be sure). Yuck.

In any event, Ms. Bernhard never quite "made it" as a mainstream celeb. We think it had something to do with the bad acting (or horrifying appearance). But from one Michigander to another, happy 51st anyway, Sandra! Now please stop staring at us.

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