PWTU Birthday Honoree: Morgan Freeman

It’s Morgan Freeman’s birthday! Yes, the perpetual narrator turns 69 today. Hard to believe that it was only seven decades ago that some lady gave birth to the star of such films as Hallow Image, Robin Hood: Prince of Theives, and Johnny Handsome. Can you imagine what his delivery must have been like? We at PWTU think that he probably narrated it himself:

“Ah, the miracle of life: at eight pounds, four ounces, Mother Nature smiles upon a beautiful newborn babe on this lazy June afternoon in the small town of Memphis, Tennessee. Proud Mama and Proud Papa smile wanly at their little miracle whilst the newborn in question, me, Morgan Freeman, awaits the cutting of his umbilical cord. Little do I know that a life full of obstacles and opportunities; obedience and, ultimately, Oscars, lies down the road of this journey that, for me, begins at this very moment. It’s the journey of life, and I’ve just taken my first step.”

At this point we imagine that a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack would have begun and that baby-Morgan would have flashed that award-winning smile of his.

In any event, here’s to you, Mr. Freeman, on your special day! You’re a fine actor and quite a looker, we must admit, and if it wasn’t for the fact you’re so old there’s no way we’d consider ourselves your superior.

But you are, so we do.

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