MySpace Morons: Michigan and the Middle East

Part One of PWTU's Ongoing Series
In a scheme worthy of the master himself, Zach Morris, a Michigan teenager hatched quite the plan to meet her online boyfriend 6000 miles away in the Middle East. How’d she do it? Simple. First she convinced her Mom that she required a passport to join her friend’s family on a trip to Canada (no such trip existed, of course). Next the girl, Katherine Lester, 16, got her online-beau (whom she’d met on MySpace) to order her a one-way ticket to Israel. Next she simply snuck out of her house and boarded a plane.

Nothing makes us at PWTU prouder to be from the Great Lakes State then when our teenage population proves it’s just as conniving, manipulative, and stupid as all the other teens our great nation produces. So kudos to you, Ms. Lester! And remember to thank whatever god you believe in that the Feds caught up with you before this Jordanian weirdo did: something tells us it wouldn’t have been an ending suitable for Saved By the Bell…

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