The Meta-Struggle Continues

They spammed our blog with gibberish meant to stifle open discussion. They flooded our inbox with threats such as "we have your five dollars, and your IP address" (it's by the way). They made repeated ad hominem attacks in an attempt to crush our fighting spirit. And yet, after Metafilter's orchestrated and brazen assault on our humble little blog, we survive.

We survive despite the personal attacks and vicious threats; we survive despite their attempts to squash our site. But do not let the image to your left fool you: though our survival after their massive attack on our blog is a clear victory for us and for all who love freedom, the battle is far from over. In fact, even now the commies over at Metafilter solidify their control and intensify their book-burning techniques. In fact, Metifilter's leader himself has given up all pretense of being a freedom loving patriot: take a look at this page where an image of him, standing proud like Mao himself, can be found about halfway down. Why the mainstream media didn't cover the event portrayed here is yet another indication of Metafilter's growing control over the press. A 'brand new day,' indeed.

Some of us had our doubts about Metifilter's communist leanings before, but there can be no question in anyone's mind now that these Meta-heads plan nothing short of a communist dictatorship to rule over the entire Internet. Imagine a world where Google falls under their sway; imagine a world where making a bid on eBay is subject to their whims; imagine a world where all news is "filtered" through their site. Is that what anyone truly wants? A world ruled over by a God-hating, speech stifling, freedom-crushing "community weblog"? The thought terrifies us, which is why we must continue to fight against that awful day.

To borrow a line or two from Sir Winston S. Churchill, this victory of ours, though uplifting, is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It may, however, be the end of the beginning.

(Our Declaration of War)

How do you exactly determine victory in a war against a website? What defines the terms of victory? I'm just curious
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