Kool Aid Drinkers

Part One of PWTU's Ongoing Series: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!

Yes, it's Sunday, a holy day of religious worship and rest. And though we at PWTU are generally "eh" about religion in general, we've always enjoyed getting the day off and have steadfastly resisted making any posts on this day.

Why the change? Well, today marks the 194th anniversary of the War of 1812 (clever title), and one PWTU staffer was adamant that we do a PWTU in History entry for the occasion. Frankly, though, most of us couldn't care less about some stupid war that occurred nearly two centuries ago. Since we promised this tearful-staffer an entry, though, we hereby present to you our first Sunday segment: a fascinating diatribe about Kool Aid (it's so much kooler than war!! get it?).

What is Kool Aid? To some it's that cheap but oh-so-delicious drink that many of us loved while growing up. Just add sugar, water, and a couple cubes of ice and it was almost (almost!) better than Mt. Dew. To others this drink symbolizes blind-obedience, absurd compliance, and outright insanity, mostly because of some psychos and hopped-up hippies who used the stuff for awesome-acid-trips/suicide back in the day. Thing is, though, most of us can remember a genuine love for the stuff, so hearing it referred to in a derogative manner is not only frustrating, but very, very sad. Especially when politics and/or hatred is thrown into the mix.

We at PWTU believe that Kool Aid is good stuff, and that references to it should always be positive. Have we been guilty of using it in a negative context? Most assuredly. But when conservatives refer to liberals as "Kool Aid drinkers" we get sad, and when liberals refer to ditto-heads (Rush Limbaugh listeners) as same, we get even sadder (we refuse to believe conservatives could ever have enjoyed the stuff).

So what say, between us and you, that we leave Kool Aid out of arguments once and forever? Kool Aid represents hot summers, laughing children, happiness, and good ol' sugary goodness. Dragging it into any nasty realm of discussion (such as politics) is uncalled for. And no, we weren't paid to say any of this (yet).

And that, friends, is our first random Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! entry. Was it completely irrelevant? Yep. Was it pretty lame? Sure. But on this Father's Day, wasn't it better than nothing at all? We'll let you be the judge.

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