Ikea Now!

Part Three of PWTU's Ongoing Series: The Resurrection of Michigan

The Ikea in Canton, Michigan is finally opening this morning. As reported here yesterday we at PWTU would have loved to have camped out in line with the hundreds of Michiganders who couldn't wait for the Swedish store to open, but we have jobs. With Michigan's economy the way it is, though, we probably won't have that problem the next time an Ikea opens...

Actually, that last comment makes us sound pretty cynical. In truth we actually believe Michigan is on the verge of a huge economic recovery, and the Ikea store is part of the reason. Just look at the following chart our staff came up with this morning for our ongoing series, The Resurrection of Michigan:

See? Before Ikea, Michigan is in a slump. By September, though, retail sales will be soaring. You read it here first!

(Source) (Part Two of Series)

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