Hump Day Mish-Mash 2

...look to the left for a second. That's a screenshot from an actual offer on NewsMax.com, the ultra-rightwing news magazine. They're willing to sell you Ann Coulter's new book, which retails on Amazon.com for $16.77, for just under $5!! In addition you will receive four free issues of the print version of NewsMax (cancel any time!). I wonder if "promotions" like these are part of the reason why Coulter's latest piece of crap-on-paper is the #1 nonfiction book in the U.S. right now?

...does Ken Mehlman have a heart? On tonight's Daily Show with Jon Stewart the RNC chairman said that part of the reason why Republicans are having so many problems right now is because of "arrogance and corruption". He sounded so sincere that he almost (almost) seemed like an actual human being. This is going to give us nightmares for sure.

...Al Gore was on Larry King Live tonight, and though we're not big fans of his state we genuinely like the former Vice President. But please, Mr. Gore, stop saying you've "moved on" since the 2000 mis-election when you clearly haven't; we would much rather see you get pissed off! We're getting tired of waiting for the big explosion you've obviously been building up for years... please erupt now. It would so rule.

...finally, we at PWTU are incredibly pumped right now: not since the Canton Ikea store opening have we felt so optimistic about the future of the Michigan economy! You see, the city of Wayne in the great state of Michigan recently announced that they will be holding a city-garage sale at the infamous Wayne Parking Structure. Now, the current entry in WikiPedia for Wayne, MI mentions nothing of this parking structure (it reports instead on a supposed resurgence in downtown development), but our intrepid PWTU staffers remember a much different entry for the city not long ago. Apparently someone changed the wiki-entry for the booze-ridden metro-Detroit burb, trying to remove the facts that Wayne has many "dive bars" (it does), too many "antique shops" (it does), and a parking structure that was built in a prominent location but never used (seriously). Despite this glazing-over of Wayne's historical facts, though, we at PWTU are excited that the city is promoting the structure at long last. Here's to many downtown flea-markets to come.

(Hump-Day 1)

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