FYIF: Week in Review

Part One in PWTU's Ongoing Series: Fuck Yeah It's Friday!

...our good friends over at Le Gossip posted their first-ever Podcast. Stephen!, author of the celeb-gossip blog, said of his first-ever foray into Podcasting: " I say um a lot and cuss so much! ahh!" That's cool, Stephen-- there's nothing wrong with cussin' (it shows that you keep it real ).

...at Ghetto Stupidity blogger t. durden contends that Ann Coulter is the Anti-Christ... and he makes some good points to prove it.

...here's a good entry for Fucked Up Republican of the Week: the AP reported yesterday that California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher plans on holding hearings to determine whether or not there was a "foreign connection" to the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 Americans in 1995. That's right: Rohrabacher thinks that McVeigh might not have acted alone, but with "foreign" help. We at PWTU hope Rohrabacher looks into possible foreign connections in some other terrible crimes next, crimes like Columbine (bin Laden was clearly involved), the murder of Nicole Simpson (it was Sadaam!), and the killings of the Yates' children (it had to be Mahmoud Ahmadinejad).

...we read over at the Red Tape Chronicles that a Flordia man brought his defective hard-drive to Best Buy for repair only to find out later (after being told he needed to replace it) that the drive was re-sold to a stranger in Chicago (with the drive still containing all his info). Our question: why would anyone trust Best Buy's "geek squad" in the first place?

...finally, we at PWTU are big fans of all things Google, so when they launched their online-spreadsheet program (designed to rival Microsoft's Excel) earlier this week we got really excited. Well, last night we got our chance to finally give it a try and we have to say that although it looks pretty neat, it obviously still needs some work. Here's hoping it lives up to its potential by the time it's out of beta-release!

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