Fathers Worse Than Ours

With Father's Day just around the corner we at PWTU have been busy shopping for our dads. This year we decided to create a line of cards for people with less than perfect dads (we know there are a lot of them out there). Enjoy, then, the first series of exclusive People Worse Than Us greeting cards: Father's Day edition.

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Ahhh, if only the second one weren't so nice, I'd print it out and use it myself. -.-' Good for a laugh, but sadly accurate.
i think u r nasty because most dads r nice
i wish i wasnt so nice...id print out the 1st card for father whom i luv so much... XD yeh i dont wanna piss him off ne more than he already is at me so... meh w/e ^^
"i think u r nasty because most dads r nice"

Don't be ignorant. Alot of people have horrible fathers. Just because yours is great, doesn't mean others are.
Yeah, and chances are, if you think he was great, you are just in denial. He wasn't really, but you have to keep up appearances, dontcha? He was a prick, a drunkard, a felon, a wife and child beater, a bigot, and an adulterous slob. That doesn't mean you are, or will be. So quit sticking up for the SOB, he doesn't deserve it!!!
LMAO, the last card sooo describes my dad, exept i dont drink. he used to get drunk and have me drive! haha.
Is this meant 2 b funny?????
I think its just plain weird that some1 could think up something like this
Are you kidding me? Yes it's meant to be funny. It's freakin hilarious! Lighten up people. I'd give my dad one of these in a heartbeat not because they make me think of him but because he has the sense of humor to appreciate them.
I gave my dad a beautiful card I made myself last year, lol--it read:
I'm sending you this card because:

You went to all the baseball games, kept every aced report card, kissed every "booboo", all in all you were the perfect dad...

then, when the card was opened:

to your OTHER family

cracked him up, and, no, he didn't have as second family, he just has a great sense of humor--he even wore the multicolored toe socks I got him all day long, lol.
It's nice to see I'm not the only one who feels like this.It's a good way to find humor in the bad, and to the person who thinks "most dads are nice" open your eyes!!!
Okay you see my dads a dr. and he actually sees people who have been beaten and alcohol problems and stuff like that, so I don't think my dad would think its very funny...
although they are pretty funny.
Oh it's hilarious! I would take the abuse one and switch around the physical with mental, because I am a classic case of 'my daddy never hugged me.' I'm glad disgruntled kids/ex-kids can laugh like this together because I need a sense of unity and security. Lol, just kidding! Sorta.
You need one for emotional abuse!!!! The others are gr8 though!
i get the whole "daddy doesn't love me as much as my brother and sister" treatment, so im going slightly change physical abuse card to fit me. he has that type of sense of humour that he will lol and wont think any thing else of it. :(
these things are hilarious i sure wish i could give one to my dad, but he gets so easily butt-hurt, then again i just might want to see what his reaction would be, for the heck of it. lol.
Heh, I'd give one to my dad. a) because he has a sense of humor and b) because sometimes the cards are sadly true.
♥i think your all crazy and need to get a life. &get your father a real card. fags.♥
whoever saids most dads are nice... needs to grow up and get their heads out of the ... ground?... (we all know thats not what i really meant)... oh and everyone else needs a sense of humor.... oh, lol... good job...
happy fathers day, to the father i never had
good muthafuckin times
cant wait to see the Mutha day cards......
i love it!!!i can use a few of them for my dad.....the thing is he finally showed up in my life after 18 years of not being there....only to find out that it was my mothers fault for him walkin out on us when i was 8.....lmfao...soooo with that said...lets take the physical abuse one...change it up a bit...and make it for BOTH my parents....who have driven me bananas.....i'm on my way to go see my shrink right now....these were hysterical....we'll have a good session today i'm sure!!!!! lol....
those are really bad though...who would give that to there dad! i wouldnt i accually love my dad!
I don't like the fourth one, but the rest are amusing. :)
I don't like the 4th one, but the rest are funny. :)
Yes, they are really funny, epecially the ass wiping one! but seriously, i've been way too close to that shit for it to be taken lightly, it makes me laugh but then i remember the pain i had to see these children go through, not nice, VERY sad. I worked at a shelter for victims of abuse:( I'm sorry for all you who feel like these cards REALLY apply to your dad, if they do...he's not a DAD, he's just a sperm donor.
The phisical abuse is perfect my fater fucks me up all the time !

Now i got somethig for that basterd!
I want to print one out so bad! haha
i love how you can tell ur all kids, can't have a simple argument without calling eachother a bundle of sticks(if u catch my drift) or cursing eachother out, it's kinda sad realy, but to everyone else, Come on chap, want some tea and crumpets? Cheers! Tally 'o, meet u at the trolly!
These r horrid!!! they r mean and sickening and the onli funny one is the last one. minus the picture.
I'm not laughing...
"These r horrid!!! they r mean and sickening and the onli funny one is the last one. minus the picture.
I'm not laughing..."

You have to have a sense of humor (and not be retarded) to find something funny. I personally enjoyed them, even though none of them described my father.
A short message to all the people who bitched about these cards been sick or mean, and to all the people with daddy issues.. ahem
They're cards, they aren't deep, or serious, or mean or anything, they are cards, they have a joke on them. Hahahahaha a funny joke, haha.
Stop moaning and turning everything into a deep debate about abused children and parental neglect and lighten up!!
Ok, rant over
Nice cards
agree with last comment. I hate it when someone makes something that is supposed to be funny all "meaningful". It's a fuckin' card, not a parent abusers chat group! And for those of you thought these were horrible or sickening. WHY THE HELL DID YOU CLICK THE LINK? You go to a website and read some funny cards because you want to. Not because you want to bitch about it! Reply, please. I would LOVE to here your reasoning.
ha ha ha ha only in America!!!
Hey all
Thanks for all the comments, etc... just wanted to say, however, that when we created these cards, we never intended to make any kind of "statement" about fatherhood; we strictly made these for the fun of it. Granted, there are a lot of sad stories out there, and a lot of terrible fathers who leave ruined kids in their wake. We were fortunate enough to have fathers who did right by us. These cards were meant to take extreme examples and try to make light of them. How lame would they have been had they said, for example, "Dear Dad... being handed a free car on my sixteenth birthday was pretty cool... too bad it was an Escort".

I'm going to send my sister the 2nd one because it's true.

We are thankful that our dad only beat the shit out of us and nothing else.
How about a dad that killed himself when he had 5 kids...Make a card about that!
ur @$#@'n right I gotta print these out
i kinda like these.. wish they had ones for dads that just left & didnt care for years & years & tried to come bac like nothing ever happened & make u feel bad for being mad at them..
thats sad how that can be true,but my dads not like that anyway
thats sad how that can be true,but my dads not like that anyway
THATS MUTHAFUCKIN FUNNY!!!!! probably because my dads not like that,and im only 10! jkjkjkjk!
those cards r mean and hatefull i want 2 cry NOT!!! but 4 all the bitches that think like that u r a panzie or a shrink- shrinks r panzies
Okay Honestly, These cards are funny. I do not think the creaters of these cards ment anything by it. Move on, If you have a life then this wont hurt you. Yes, some people do not have dads and some people do not have families. Shit Happens. God Bless You!
lol, i gotta go with the america guy , u cant get them anywhere else!u never get anythin like this in britain! its a bit sad tho
people who think thats FUNNY have issues. u shouldnt make jokes about stuff like that cos it actually happens. how would u like it if u got beaten up by ur dad then people made a joke about it?!
the only 1 i think is funny is the wheelchair 1 lol but the other r a bit... well... who wud wont 2 giv ure dad an abuse card? i mean, uless u hav a horrible dad (totally opposite 2 my dad). n y wud u give a horrible dad tht card eny way cos if u gav him the abuse 1 he will probalby abuse u even more! no affence
My father was in a wheelchair for a while after a bad motorcycle accident where he lost part of a leg, broke his femur and hip and fractured and separated his pelvis. He was very upbeat through everything and he was always like that, anyway. I'm gonna print it just because I know he would get a kick out of it becuase we were pretty much doing everything for him when he was in the wheel chair..lol I think he'll love it!

and to those that think it's horrible to have an abuse card...get real!!!!!! some fathers suck at life and deserve to rot in hell. And don't forget...it's not like these are being sold at Hallmark stores. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!! DUR!
hi everyone wot bout absent fathers and all the ignorance in the world they have to ignor your own flesh and blood is a sin and i agree with all who has suffered at the hands of a father feck them rot in hell as thats where lots of kids have been HELL...
my da went out for a loaf of bread and did'nt come back back for twenty years.To make matters worse, when he did return he forgot the bread.So untill the bread is returned, no daddy's day card for that fecker!
i like potatoes
I'm so sick of people making a big deal about this i am with the person who asked "why did u click on the link if u didn't want to see anything like this?" And if it really bothered u y did u read all of them. After the first one u can pretty much figure out what they are about! DUH! Don't be stupid because u have nothing else to do. Get over it!
these cards are great!!!!!
how could you not laugh?!
well, the 2nd one was more fitting for my dad... but it should be like: thanks for always keeping to the emotional and physical abuse! it was enough to haunt me for the rest of my life! we have cousins who were sexually abused, and it's all behind then now... no pun intended. tss and im not over it! bastard! heres your F#$!#@$N card!
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