Dehumanizing? Damn.

Well, it's been a mere 12-hours since the staff of PWTU voted unanimously to join Stephen Colbert in his denunciation of slavery and, you guessed it, everyone else has decided to join us. Who's everyone else, you ask? Why, the United States government, that's who (with "else" equaling "Germany", btw).

It's amazing to us, though, that it took them even that long. Slavery was a destructive, evil practice that this nation allowed to continue for far too long. And unlike these Johnny-come-latelys, we at PWTU were helping form this bandwagon long before "World Cup sex" became a buzz-word (or buzz-phrase?).

Even though we were clearly in the right long before they were, we at PWTU are glad that CNN, the AP, Reuters, and everyone else who recently realized that slavery is wrong, now join us in our disdain for it. Good for you, everyone else; good for you.


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