A Declaration of War

PWTU's First War: The War of the Link Exchange

It is with a heavy heart that we make this Friday afternoon post. After much internal debate amongst the PWTU staff, votes were cast this morning and a unanimous decision was reached to declare war on blogger Gregorius Alexandrensis. We do not enjoy the prospect of war, in fact we loathe it. But we at PWTU have always maintained that should such a conflict come our way, that we must fight it.

Earlier this week Mr. Alexandrensis, who runs a blog entitled "Hail Dubyus", practically begged us for a link exchange (see photo, below). After reviewing his site we decided it was worthy of the huge amount of PWTU traffic he would enjoy from such an arrangement. We responded to Mr. Al's request in the affirmative and immediately added him to our blog-roll.

That was literally days ago, and Mr. Al has yet to hold up his end of the bargain by posting a link back to our site.

This is a blatant slap in the face. If such betrayal should be allowed to go unchallenged, imagine the possible repercussions! The entire blog-o-sphere could be shattered. The Internet could collapse as webmasters betray webmasters and web-surfers find themselves lost in a sea of broken links. Society would suffer immensely as a result, unless we of PWTU triumph; as triumph we must, as triumph we shall.

Consider yourself at war now, Mr. Alexandrensis. You will rue the day you joined the ranks of the people worse than us.

LOL Link duly posted...thank God, now I won't be invaded and my stores of CMDs (Cartoons of Mass Distraction) won't be uncovered.
Mr. Alexandrensis:

We're glad you can find humor in something as destructive and evil as war. We warn you, however, that if you continue to use LOL's in your campaign we will be forced to consider taking extreme measures to silence your laughter once and for all.

You read that right: we at PWTU are hereby ready and willing to pull out the ROFL option. You have been warned.

In the meantime, we will convene our wartime tribunal and decide whether or not to accept your unconditional surrender...

The PWTU Staff
sure!! I added your link!

thanks :)
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