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Part One of PWTU's Ongoing Series: People (Almost) as Good as Us

We're not saying we're better than them-- but declaring them our equal may be an insult to us both. Enjoy, then, some links to some (sometimes) good folk we at PWTU humbly acknowledge are (nearly) our equals.

The Everyday Economist - We consider their belief in the overall goodness and generosity of an absolutely unregulated free market cute (awww!). Plus they linked to us, otherwise we'd just think they're a bunch of idiots.

Club For Growth - A quaint site, we agree with pretty much every goal they have except: Making the Bush tax cuts permanent, Estate tax repeal (they wrote it as "death tax" but we're correcting it here), Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts, and Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits. Hmm. I guess we don't agree with much of what they stand for after all, but hey, they linked to us (and apparently we're whores).

Grow a Brain - This blog claims to be about Real Estate, but then why isn't it completely boring? Btw, Hanan-my-man, if you're interested in some good investments in Michigan (Dearborn area especially) drop us a line. Selling bank-owned homes to investors is one of PWTU's many hobbies.

Metafilter - We at PWTU believe this little site could be the next big thing. Go show your support, and tell'em PWTU sent ya (they'll know what you mean).

That's it for this week. Here's hoping that next week we're a.) still around and b.) our postings don't attract as many libertarian nut-jobs...

i might be interested.

please email me
realhanan at yahoo dot com
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