We Love our Country, Yes we Do!

This Memorial Day weekend, we at PWTU learned many things. Four days off of pretty much all responsibilities makes a (wo)man think, you know? But we would never waste your time by reporting stupid or insignificant events-- on this blog, at least, we will only ever discuss the most important things learned, discovered, or realized.

Anyway, this past Memorial Day we at PWTU learned:

1.) ...that the needless deaths of our country's finest will only ever be extenisvely covered if news correspondents are involved.

2.) ...that the worse a movie franchise gets, the more money it will rake in.

3.) ...that the Detroit Pistons like to scare their fans (but we still believe!).

4.) ...and finally, we learned that sewers and indoor plumbing kick total ass. You see, we here at PWTU just learned first hand (pictured below) that a broken sewage line beneath a house's foundation isn't the end of the world. We also learned that fixing it makes everything smell like open-sewer for a while. Still, running water makes it totally worth it-- God bless indoor plumbing!

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