Apparently the sexy-skank of the right-wing, Ms. Ann "McCarthy-was-right" Coulter, likes to lie. And while we at PWTU already knew about her penchant for spewing bullshit in her columns, books, and TV interviews (why she still gets booked is beyond us-- note to CNN: the staff of PWTU are available for any show other than your AM program... we're Today Show loyalists), what we didn't know is that she apparently loves to lie to the government, too.

God I hope she goes to jail. It'll never happen, but her incarceration would certainly prove once and for all that we're her intellectual* superior. In any event, let's recap: In our long-running feud with Ms. Coulter the score is now 14 to 0 in our favor. Yes! (Source)

*If we had conspired to commit voter and tax fraud we wouldn't have gotten caught... we're too smart for that.

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