PWTU In History: Quite Frankly, This is Stretching It

Part Four of PWTU's Ongoing Series

Okay, according to our good friends at Wikipedia (of which we are honored to be a humble contributor), today is the anniversary of the end of World War 2:

WTF? I mean, I guess that if you looked into it hard enough, any date falling between January 1945 and December 1946 could be argued as an "end date" to the Second World War. Hell, I'm sure there are some pretentious pricks out there who could argue that the war didn't end until Winston Churchill's death in 1965. But the truth is that every war ever waged has had one definitive date that began it, and one definitive date that ended it. And in the case of WW2, today is certainly not a recognized ending to that global conflict. Remember, remember, the 7th of May, my friends. That's the real "end date" to WW2, in Europe at least.

Long story short, we at PWTU don't consider today an anniversary of the end of WW2 anymore than we consider May 1 an end to our current war in Iraq. And to all you miserable failures who disagree, well, do some research outside of Wikipedia for a change. Then you'll see. Just as we did*.

*All research for this article provided by Wikipedia.


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