PWTU In History: Mt. St. Helens

Part Two of PWTU's Ongoing Series

It's hard to believe that the massive explosion of the once-serene volcano occured 26 years ago. Although we here at PWTU were but wee tots when this disaster occured, we felt its after-effects throughout much of our childhood.

Granted, we grew up no where near the cantankerous mound; St. Helens, of course, is in Washington State. We grew up in metro Detroit.

So how did this event manage to effect our lives so much? Because our mother suffered a bizarre case of post traumatic stress disorder upon viewing the numerous images of the explosion. From that day forward, she would have nothing to do with any terrain that was even slightly hilly; she even expressed the desire, at one point, of uprooting us all to Kansas. Thankfully, the very real threat of tornados put an end to those plans.

So please take a moment to pause and remember that fateful day 26 years ago; Mt. St. Helens, we salute you.

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