PWTU Celebrates: Peru's National Potato Day

Part One of PWTU's Ongoing Series

The fine people of Peru are celebrating a quaint holiday today: La Fiesta de la Papa (The Potato Party). Apparently, potatos are a big fucking deal to Peruvians, as evidenced by a website dedicated to las papas. Here is but one example of Peru's oddly-placed enthusiasm for the starchy tuber:

They sure seem to expend a lot of energia on las papas. And why not? We here at PWTU love them, too. In fact, if not for potatos, a good 75% of our diet would be missing. From potato pancakes in the morning, to french fries at lunch, to baked potatos (loaded) at dinner; not to mention the ritual midnight snack of potato chips, we can't get enough of the little guys.
Although our country hasn't progressed enough to make potato-lovin' a national holiday, we here at PWTU concur with the logic of the Peruvians, and join them in celebrating this important day.
Viva las papas!

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