PWTU Birthday Honoree: Robert Lane (Bob) Saget

Beloved comedian Bob Saget turns the big 5-0 today. Amazing-- he doesn't look a day over forty!

Many of us welcomed Mr. Saget into our homes through the wholesome sitcom "Full House". His character, Danny Tanner, dispensed a tender mix of tough love and good-natured joshing to the five or six kids who lived with him and "the guys". Don't ask us, it's been a long time since we saw that show.

And who could forget the weekly anticipation of the latest installment of America's Funniest Home Videos, hosted by the charming Mr. Saget? He had the amazing ability to take a video that may have merited a chuckle or two and turn it into a groan-fest at the numerous corny jokes he managed to come up with. Who else could show a video of a man getting kicked in the ass by a donkey (for instance) and, rather than produce the normal reaction (laughing hysterically), make one say "I wish this annoying person would shut the fuck up."?

There is, however, a dark side to Mr. Saget, as evidenced by a brief cameo in Half Baked and his particularly raunchy rendition of a joke in the film The Aristocrats.

So on your very special day, PWTU salutes you, Bob Saget.

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