Proof in the Pudding

So just because a B-List rapper shot and killed an army-veteren (and got shot and killed himself as a result) the City of Detroit is forcing my favorite after-hours bar (the C.C.C. club on 8 Mile Road) to close for a year. Such bullshit! It would be one thing if the closing was a memorial of some kind for the victims (the army-vet and the dude who was famous for being Eminem's friend) but grief over the two men's deaths had nothing to do with the city's decision. No, the Wayne County Prosecutor is just pissed because the bar was operating illegally. Believe it or not bars are only allowed to be open until 2am in Michigan. Such crap, I know, which is why we metro-Detroiters depend on these so-called "illegal" clubs to fuel or alcholic needs 24/7.

So thanks, Mr. Deshaun "Proof" Holton, you've ruined it for everyone once again. Hope you're happy.

...oh wait, you can't be happy. You're dead. Touche.


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