O'Reilly is un Amigo de los Mexicanos

Translation: he is a friend of the Mexican people. He even said so on his show:

• "I'm not afraid of Mexican immigrants. I'm not afraid, you know, you're my compadre." — Bill O'Reilly, The O'Reilly Factor, May 10 (Source)

It's so good to know that O'Reilly is fond of our neighbors to the south. It sort of gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It almost makes up for O'Reilly's uber-pervy sexual harrassment practices.

This breathtaking revelation by the Fox News personality has not, however, proved him to be a better person than myself. Because I like the Mexican people, too, and I am their friend. Heck, I am a friend of the entire North American continent and its peoples. Top that, O'Reilly!

Our staff cartoonist has toiled away on a depiction of O'Reilly's amistad with Mexicans; although it may take a little time to understand its deep symbolism, please do not inundate us with angry comments demanding its explanation. Just let it do what it does best: bring a tear to the eye.

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