Know Justice, Know Peace

Back when I was in high school I never really had a teacher I was attracted to. And that pisses me off: it seems like everyone has that memory of the "hot teacher" they just loved to drool over during class (or get molested by... well, we won't go into that here... let's keep it PG). And it's not like my school was employing a bunch of uggos, either: there were some pretty decent looking ladies at my HS back then! I just never got any of them.

Anyway, the reason for this reminicising is that apparently some teacher from West Boca, FL recently faced some controversy after the school district became aware she had been a member of the USA National Bikini Team (USA! USA!). Thankfully the district's "professional standards department" decided Thursday not to investigate her, so there's no chance she's going to be fired (unlike that teacher from Kentucky who used to do porn who was canned a couple weeks ago).

Let this be a lesson to everyone that justice always triumphs, especially when male libidos meet U.S. patriotism. After all, how could they fire a former USA National Bikini Team member during a time of war? That would be the very definition of "aid and comfort" to the enemy, methinks.


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