Chinese Invasion

Part Two of PWTU's Ongoing Series: The Commies Are Coming

It wasn't long ago that we at PWTU celebrated our first milestone due to a French invasion of our little site. And while it remains true that we don't obsessively check our sitemeter, it's nice to see where our visitors live from time to time. As the above image demonstrates, however, sometimes we're none too pleased with what our snooping reveals.

Yes, it's true: commies are reading PWTU! And before you try to reassure us by saying that Hong Kong isn't really communist, allow us to remind you that the British handed that city back to the Chinese government some ten or so years ago. Last time we checked, China is a communist country, ergo Hong Kong is communist. And now they're reading our blogs!

Bastards. Here's hoping those commie-jerks eventually ban our website... until then, better dead than red! Viva capitalism!

Part One of Series

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